Reorder / Content

Your options for NOS & Depot reorder

Choose between the following ordering options to order ROSNER NOS/Depot items:

> Automatic replenishment via EDI

If you have an EDI-capable merchandise management system and continuously send us your sales reports (Sales Reports/SLSRPT), an automatic subsequent delivery can be made by ROSNER, thus avoiding assortment gaps and optimizing your stock turnover rate.

You have full control: You define all important factors in advance, such as basic stocking, article selection, and minimum quantities. If you have any change requests regarding article selection or quantities of goods, these will be implemented as quickly as possible.

Interested? Then your Rosner representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

> Reorder via EDI

If your ERP system is able to forward orders in EDI format, we can read them automatically, process them immediately and send the desired goods to you without delay.

> Online reorder via ROSNER B2B Bereich der Fashion Cloud

Order items online via the Fashion Cloud. ROSNER offers you this reorder free of charge on the web platform. You can directly reorder the NOS/Depot models as well as styles from the current collection with just a few clicks - around the clock!

> Mail, fax or phone

Gladly also in this way:
FON + 49 (0) 9191 / 83 – 299
or via your responsible Rosner representative

Print, online and social media campaigns

For the most important trend themes of the current season, we provide you with the appropriate content in the form of images and ad templates free of charge in the ROSNER Account of the Fashion Cloud. Just ask your sales representative.